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iPad Tableside Restaurant Point of Sale System POS Solution
iPad Tableside Hub : $39.00 a Month ( Holds up to 5 Licenses )
iPad Tableside App License : $12.00 a month ( Per License )
Harbortouch iPad Tableside application enables restaurant servers to input customer orders directly from the Apple iPad to the touchscreen point of sale equipment hardware system. This will allow your wait staff the ability to send an order directly to the kitchen printer or bar from the table to be prepared immediately. This iPad software mirrors the restaurant menu interface of the POS terminal system. This will increase efficiency at your restaurant by streamlining the ordering process which will keep your customers satisfied. This iPad point of sale software application is on the cutting edge of restaurant POS technology. Impress customers with a futuristic image at your restaurant and increase the dining experience with the use of the Harbortouch iPad Tableside App.
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