Harbortouch is a registered ISO/MSP of First National Bank of Omaha, 1620 Dodge St., Omaha, NE – Member FDIC
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POS Display Monitor
POS Kitchen Printer
Touchscreen POS Display
POS Cash Drawers
Barcode Scanner
Laser Barcode Scanners
Wireless Barcode Scanner
The Voyager handheld
single line laser scanner offers accurate scanning of all standard bar codes. It reduces processing time and labor costs while increasing order accuracy. Having a barcode scanner connected to your POS system will speed up checkout times and minimize data entry errors.
The Orbit omnidirectional
This bar code scanner presents an innovative and affordable barcode scanning solution. This scanner recognizes all major UPC barcodes. Having a barcode scanner connected to your point-of-sale system will expedite checkout times and minimize data entry errors.
Optimus Computer Wireless Scanner
Optimus mobile computers offer pocket-sized, data collection solutions for inventory, order-packing or shipping/receiving. This is one of the most reliable and advanced barcode scanners available and can be a valuable addition to your Harbortouch POS System.
Thermal Receipt Printer
The Harbortouch thermal POS receipt printer delivers high-speed printing at a low noise level and is packed with innovative user-friendly features. This reliable and useful accessory allows you to provide your customers with a receipt of their transaction, ensuring accurate order fulfillment. Great for restaurant kitchen.
Tilt Swivel Customer Display
A time-saving and convenient addition to your Harbortouch POS System, this dot fluorescent display allows your customers to see their exact total for quicker sales transactions and more accurate order fulfillment, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and profitability.

Cash Drawer
The Harbortouch cash drawer offers a secure location for all monetary tender exchanged as part of sales transactions. This peripheral accessory is a valuable addition to your Harbortouch POS System.
Kitchen Monitor
15-inch LCD flat panel monitor to display orders in the kitchen is the perfect way to relay this information from the front-end. It will improve order accuracy and speed of service by communicating orders to the kitchen quicker and more effectively than using paper means. Combine this accessory with the bump pad.
Bump Pad Kitchen Video Controller
Coupled with the flat panel LCD monitor, the bump pad completes the kitchen video display for a perfect addition to your Harbortouch POS System. With this useful tool, kitchen staff will be able to interact with the on-screen order display to ensure accurate order fulfillment and streamlined operations.
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