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Harbortouch is providing an All-in-One high performance touchscreen credit card processing point of sale system with NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE to get started. Harbortouch POS equipment will accommodate the needs of any retail or restaurant hospitality business. The Harbortouch point of sale terminal is the highest quality complete touch screen computer equipment monitor hardware with the most sophisticated menu management software to operate your business.

Harbortouch point of sale touchscreen equipment products can be configured to any retail or restaurant business environment. Network multiple point of sale equipment POS terminal systems into an interchangeable menu interface. Track and manage inventory data and reports at different business locations from any computer web browser with our lighthouse remote management software system solution. 

Professional installation and training ensure that you are able to utilize your touch screen POS credit card machine solution from day one. Additionally, our highly trained staff provides award winning customer service and the best technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Harbortouch is a registered ISO/MSP of First National Bank of Omaha, 1620 Dodge St., Omaha, NE – Member FDIC
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Harbortouch is pleased to offer the industry’s first free point of sale electronic cash register program. Harbortouch has partnered with Casio to supply the most popular new electronic cash register POS equipment with exclusive credit card processing technology to deliver the ultimate payment terminal solution system free with merchant account services.

Electronic cash registers manage cash, checks and process credit cards as well as taxes, all in a simple and efficient manner. These new generation integrated ECR equipment systems have a cash drawer till and credit card swiper that will redefine how merchants accept credit card payments.
A simple and easy to use online wizard has been developed so that merchants can effortlessly customize the keypad layout for their free credit card processing cash register. Additionally, you will have one point of contact for both your credit card processing and cash register service. Best of all, as long as you process credit cards with Harbortouch, we will provide a replacement Casio cash register machine if yours breaks or malfunctions, completely free of charge.
Touchscreen Restaurant Menu Management Credit Card Processing Point of Sale System
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Harbortouch is offering point of sale equipment hardware systems and touch screen credit card processing software solutions when you setup a merchant account with our company. Harbortouch offers the best electronic cash register point of sale terminal systems and complete touchscreen solutions of POS equipment for a restaurant, retail, bar, liquor store, salon, hospitality, pizza place, supermarket grocery, and hotel motel applications. The hardware and software that we offer has the ability to do retail or restaurant management and inventory. Manage your business from any computer internet connection with the remote management software.

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